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Fund Raising Ideas

There are all sorts of things you can do!

Collecting pennies helps us be aware of the water we are drinking. And when we have a jar full we can have a competition to guess the value of the coins in the jar.

We can go on a sponsored swim or paddle!

We can draw pictures of how we use our water, and have a prize for the funniest, or strangest, or most useful idea.

We can have a tea party for our family, and ask everyone to put a coin in the bottle whenever they take a drink!

The initial pilot: House Of Rompa Nursery

Des Forrest, the nursery manager, and her team piloted the project for WOW Water.

Des is a lady with a great sense of humour and great sense of justice, and she and her staff presented ideas to the children, making it both educational across a variety of areas, and very enjoyable.

The children in turn responded with enthusiasm, learning creatively and giving a penny every time they took a glass of water. They understood that there was a lack of clean water in Ghana for drinking and washing; they looked at how and where they use water in their own lives; and learned about some of the differences and similarities in the lives of children both in the UK and in a village in Ghana.

Des says, "We work on WOW Water every three or four weeks. We might change our displays about water, or hand out some worksheets so that the children can share ideas at home. We also send the bottles for the pennies home at the end of each month so that they can be refilled. The parents are very supportive, particularly since every penny goes towards the water projects themselves."

"We are using the milk bottles from the free nursery subsidised milk round, so every child has an identical bottle, but they make their own labels to put on the front."

Here is a page of labels which are then cut out and put onto individual bottles.

Specific ideas for fundraising

We are putting some ideas together, but maybe you have great ideas too! Let us know!


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