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WOW Water an introduction

WOW Water brings together two continents, two cultures, and the opportunity to learn the value of water in our changing world.

If every child in our nurseries and primary schools donates a coin into a collecting bottle each time they have a drink of water, they will start to learn about the value of water and help to raise funds.

And with this money, we will team up with people in villages in Africa and other parts of the world to bring clean drinking water to their communities.

Joining the WOW-Water Campaign

Becoming part of WOW Water is simple yet so effective.

All you need are empty plastic water bottles (used as money boxes) and a large sized empty water bottle (as a collection bottle for all donations).

There is information about life in the villages we want to help. You can ask us questions. And we will report back on how your money is being used to make a difference!